Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge B-1


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  • Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is being used in many Professional Companies for measuring thickness where only one side is accessible. It employs latest pulse-echo & transducer technologies for quality output.
  • It comes with 2 types of displays for different working environments. LCD display is being used in areas where light conditions are proper and LED display is used in low light areas.


  • Measures thickness from one side
  • Eliminates human error
  • Shows instantaneous reading of the measured thickness in digital form
  • Can also be used by unskilled operators
  • Highly reliable due to modern solid state technology
  • Light, Compact, Rugged


  • Range : 1.5 mm to 60 mm in Steel
  • Minimum Thickness Measurement : 1.5 mm in Steel
  • Display : LED : Display of 7mm in Height to read in Darkness
  • Probe: PZT Transducer of 2 MHz frequency
  • The Probe can withstand up to 80℃
  • It can measure on plane surface and pipes of outer diameter greater than 50mm
  • Special Curvature Probe can be provided to measure on pipes of diameter more than 50mm


  • Dimensions : 182mm x 160mm x 75mm
  • Weight: 1.5 Kg
  • Measures Thickness of :
    • Mild Steel (MS)
    • Stainless Steel (SS)
    • Copper
    • Aluminium
    • Lead
    • Tin
    • Alloys
    • Glass
    • Ceramics
    • Polyethylene
    • Plastics etc.
  • Useful in Industries like :
    • Chemical Industries
    • Petrochemical Plants
    • Agrochemical Plants
    • Fertilizer Plants
    • Inspectorates of Boilers
    • Fabrication Shops
    • Railways
    • Electricity Boards
    • Refineries
    • Power plants etc.
  • Other Applications :
    • Fabrication
    • Quality Control
    • Maintenance
    • Corrosion & Erosion Survey
    • Pipe Lines Storage Tanks
    • Pressure Vessels Turbines
    • Cylinders Ship Hulls
    • Boilers Rolled Sheets


Oil Bottle
Screw Driver
LCD Flat Probe
LCD Case
LCD Instruction Manual
LCD Probe
LCD Curvature Probe (Optional)
LCD Pipe (Optional)
LCD Steps (Optional)
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