SONODOP Ultrasound Doppler UDP-5

Product Code: UDP-5

  • UDP-5 is a sturdy and very convenient ultra-sound Doppler that comes really handy with facility of five interchangeable probes for numerous Obstetrics, Pediatrics Vascular and Neonates applications. Moulded ABS cabinet is very reliable and durable with classic design. Its multi-purpose functioning is the key feature that attracts Doctors, Gynecologists Plastic Surgeons, Uro surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Pediatrics, Orthopedic Surgeons, Cardio-Vascular Surgeons and many more.


  • Facility of connecting various interchangeable probes for various applications
  • Ultrasound frequency 2/3/5/8 MHz
  • Facility for Earphone and Tape Recording


  • Mains & Battery operated (6 Dry Cells Eveready 1050 type)


  • Housed in moulded ABS cabinet
  • Width: 216 mm
  • Height: 90 mm
  • Depth: 205 mm
  • Weight: 1.9 KG

Obstetrical and Vascular Applications:

  • Detects fetal heart rate at 10-12 weeks.
  • Localization of Placenta.
  • Detects Foetal Distress & Intrauterine death.
  • Determine multiple pregnancies.
  • Used in routine screening of patients with Cerebral - vascular inefficiency and occlusive vascular diseases.


Probe 2 MHz (Optional)
Probe 3 MHz (Optional)
Probe 5 MHz (Optional)
Probe 8 MHz (Optional)
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